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So I just got done searching for a briefcase and I was surrounded by a sea of messenger bags. I don’t understand why a flap would be so appealing when you can get something that latches. Perhaps my style comes from a different generation, but it is a slight shock to walk into the 9th floor of Macy’s, ask if they have briefcases and be told that the selection is 1. That’s right; Macy’s carries one Samsonite briefcase and they had one in stock. Bloomingdales carried strictly what are referred to as “man purses” and I tend to see them on gay men more than anyone else. In fact, I even saw “stereotypical Euro-trash” hanging out right next to that section as if they were trying to mark their territory (not because they were gay, but because they were fashionable. I guess).

Admittedly, when I have money that will be my briefcase. Right now, I just don’t have the $240 to look as awesome as I want to.

In all honesty, I spent the last six weeks around the Wall St. area and probably saw one briefcase. For men who spend so much on their suits, I found it odd that they would enjoy wrinkling all their nice suits. Then again, they can all probably afford better cleaners than I can.

That’s neither here nor there–why, oh why, can’t a man use a briefcase? I don’t even own a messenger bag and I already don’t like the “fag bag” jokes. Someone should start selling briefcases again.

I’m going to the luggage store.

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  1. me too,igualmente. Some dude hit on me because i carry a certain canvas messenger bag. briefcase here i come.

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