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Yesterday two of my roommates and I went to Ikea. My room is going to be awesome, but I don’t know if I’ve ever been so stressed or so tired.

We were kidding around while in line–for like an hour–and we decided they should change their motto from “affordable solutions for better living” to “we have cheap shit if you’re willing to spen 8 hours getting it.” Of course, they can’t say any of that because they’re supposed to be a model of European efficiency, but I think it’s just plain old true.

I think the worst part of the entire day was when some lady took my desk. I went over to pick it up in the “Self Service” section after waiting for fifteen minutes for a cart. Since it was my first time attempting to pick things up in this section, it took me a while to figure out where it was. When I did, this lady was sitting next to my desk and she had placed her purse on it. There was only one left and I asked if she could move her purse. She said, “That’s mine. I’m waiting for my friend to get my cart.” I was flabbergasted; I waited for a cart, I spent all day finding this desk, I already have a cart and all you have to do is put your stupid purse on it and it’s yours? In America, common courtesy seems to revolve around calling “dibs” these days.

We got lost in the store’s maze at least two times and finally decided, on what could have been the third time, to just follow the signs and arrows around the long way instead of using the shortcuts. As soon as I got home, I took off my shoes and tried to let my feet rest. It didn’t really help much, but I did sleep like I had been slapped with a brick.

On the positive side, my stuff should be delivered within the next two hours and, by then, I should be entirely satisfied that the experience is behind me. Maybe next time, I won’t go on a weekend, much less a Sunday.


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