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Sometimes nothing pisses me off more than bathroom grafitti. If you go to the right neighborhood, you can find the most racially insensitive and most ignorant information. About a week ago, I found the following entries:

“God hates niggers and non-believers”

“Its PHAR-CITY hoe. Dont hate cause you cant get $CAKE$”

I wanted to write the following:

“My Misanthropic Manifesto: If you could cease your addiction to marijuana, meth and immorality, you would see that your ignorance is crippling America. Pick up a book and read it. Perhaps the best choice for you right now would be the Bible, so you could discover that God (whatever you call him: Yahweh, Jah, Jesus, etc) does not hate.”

But I didn’t, so instead of sinking to their level, I relegated my response to the recesses of the internet, a place where some of my friends might read it. Perhaps I should have written it, or perhaps I should have corrected their grammar. I wanted so badly to write:

“The above should appear as the following: ‘It’s Phar-City, whore [or ‘ho,’ considering, as is, you’ve called your competitor a gardening implement]. Don’t hate us because you’re unemployed.’ Don’t forget to use your apostrophes as well as periods. Your sentences are incomplete and your objective is trite. Consider just not writing any further. Thanks, Chris.”

I guess sometimes I just wish people would read more.


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