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My desk finally came this morning after another visit to Ikea yesterday. I’ve decided it will be a very long time before I buy anything there I cannot carry home. There were significantly less people there yesterday than there were on Sunday, which definitely made my shopping experience infinitely more enjoyable. But then again, I think I might have waited in line for home delivery for an hour and a half. It’s actually hard to judge because I bought something broken and returned it while waiting and then my roommate discovered he had bought the wrong item for his bed and he had to return it.

Standing in line to get the form verified so I could leave, on the other hand, definitely took thirty minutes. They had one guy working. Even the guy looked at me and then looked at the line and said, “This is absurd. I was supposed to be off at 7. It’s 9 now. I’m not a drinker or anything, but this makes me want get a beer when I get home. Just for the stress.” I told him I was on the same page.


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