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I just finished Federico Fellini’s Eight 1/2. I had no idea movies could be that epic. I felt like I was reading The Watchmen because I completely got sideswiped; I’ve never experienced something so huge in this medium.

I know I said, in the post about bathroom stalls, that people should read the bible more, but clearly I need to read it, too. I think I missed–at least–fifteen allusions.

I have always heard that 8 1/2 was the attempted magnum opus and that La Dolce Vita was the actual stroke of genius. I found, just as the critics in 8 1/2 did, La Dolce Vita overly sarcastic (strictly in regards to its title) and incredibly pessimistic. On the other hand, 8 1/2 was thoroughly entertaining and the main character seems to have redeemed himself. It was nice to see a main character who could think and feel as well as create a meeting for the two sides of himself. But then again, his wife already left him before the dream sequence began–I can only hope that his final dream sequence, as it was in the beginning, is an indication of the way the rest of his life will traverse.

Either way, Marcello Mastroianni is a complete badass.

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