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After last night, I’ve decided I’m done with light beers. You know, the attention-getters, the overly popular Lights and Pales. I think a real man beer is a dark beer, beers like IPAs and Stouts. Sure, I’ll continue to drink them socially, but understand this: they’re not what I want to be drinking. I was talking with friends last night and I realized that if one of the best beers in the world–Guinness–is best served on draught, then maybe I should always get beers on draught. Certainly, I love the convenience of bottles (mostly just in my refrigerator), but the thrill of finding something, putting in the effort to find the right beer seems to be that much more rewarding. Sure, I have to wait longer, but I think it’ll be worth it.

But then again, I have always loved Hefeweizens–particularly hypocritcal after what I said initially, but there is this one that I think I might do anything for. Other than that though, I’m dead set–I will continue searching for that perfect Guinness draught.


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