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Amy Poehler was apparently too pregnant to perform at this edition of the Upright Citizens Brigade. Luckily Horatio Sans performed and Doug Benson was in the audience. Certainly, Doug’s presence had no effect on the performance, but I did laugh a lot. I think I would have laughed more if they had been performing in their 26th St. Theatre.

The microphones the performers had on all tended to cancel each other out so we couldn’t hear–a lot of people were making jokes. For the stories between sketches, they had people from the audience tell their own and they would base the next sketch off of those stories. A lot of times, the sketches resorted in the troupe making fun of the person who had told the story. That certainly happened when they had a celebrity narrator at their smaller showing, but it seemed more okay somehow. They all at least seemed know the celebrity narrator and she seemed to be going along with it. But yesterday when the troupe made fun of these girls who told a story about trying to be “hoodrats” when they do their laundry in Harlem, it kind of felt like they didn’t need to be made fun of any more than they already had been for being dumb enough to tell approximately 1,500 people that they try to act like “hoodrats” while doing their laundry. In Harlem. White people these days, am I right?

Anyway, I laughed a lot but I think it would be fair to say that the 26th St. Theatre has a tangible family-type feeling to it. Not quite family-appropriate as much as it feels like everyone is having a great time and everyone is laughing with each other instead of at a select few people. We go there to be united in laughter, and that’s one hell of a good reason to do anything.

What’re you guys doing next weekend? Want to go to the 26th St. Theatre? Meet you there.


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