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This might just be me, but I feel like Risotto is the Grown-Up version of Mac N Cheese, at least when you make it from scratch. My mom was trying to sell me on those little Risotto-In-A-Bag things, but I just wasn’t having it.

I somehow find it exemplarily entertaining to sit around for half an hour (sometimes longer) and stir rice and chicken broth. I admit, it’s not the most convenient of dishes to prepare after a long day of work or when you’re particularly hungry, but it is probably the most satisfying dish I can say I can cook and cook well.

It also helps that seven or eight cups of arborio rice costs about $8. As a kid who is still unemployed, yet still attempting to cook in a cheap and delicious manner, risotto has definitely been a lifesaver. One cup of rice is very, very filling after you’ve added four cups of broth (or two cans, which cost like $1.50 for both) and half an onion.

I’m sure it’ll also help me in the future–when I told one of my female friends I was teaching myself to cook risotto, she almost broke her jaw from letting it fall so far open. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I can highly recommend cooking risotto from scratch to everyone. I didn’t learn how to cook it to get girls out of their pants or anything, but I can only hope that it will help someone achieve such a wonderful feat someday (if it hasn’t already).


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