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First let me clarify: I’m talking about the show, not the three minute song, even though that song may have been better than the entire second season. Let me explain myself.

I watched the entire second season yesterday (yes, I am that unemployed). I was okay with it though, because I sent out two cover letters instead of the average 0 to 1 cover letters a day. Getting through two cover letters felt like I deserved 7 hours of reward. No, seriously. I hate cover letters.

Anyway, I wanted to vent a little about the second season. I think the only genuinely excellent plot line was the Adam Monroe addition. I can’t wait to see what kind of implications his life has for Claire–who, by the way, gets more beautiful every episode. I guess that’s another good thing about the second season. Actually, I’m not afraid to admit, I was a little teary-eyed when West dropped the line, “I know you can heal, but I don’t ever want to see you hurt.” Sure, him saving her like that during a trust exercise was a little predictable, but I just wish I could do that; he clearly deserves her. And then she broke up with him in the last episode. Sigh.

Sure, there may or may not have been a writer’s strike, but that doesn’t excuse the first two episodes. Those two episodes might have been some of the worst television I have ever seen, with the exception of all reality TV ever aired. I kind of felt like they were trying to hit me over the head with a) what had happened, b) what was going on and c) why it was happening. You trusted me for the entire first season–why can’t you trust me now? Sigh.

Maya was a very heavy-handed addition; she cries something like the black plague? I mean, come on. If she was a real person, I would send her a letter something like this:

Dear Maya,

Man the fuck up. Every time you cry, everyone dies–not just the person you’re pissed off at. I kind of wish Suresh hadn’t given you that antidote because now I have to see you cry more.



It doesn’t help that Alejandro also had the lamest power in history and it turns out she doesn’t even need him to make her tears go away–she can stop them on her own. He’s the only person who can survive her tears-o’-plague and now he’s dead. Why. was. there. an. Alejandro. if. she. doesn’t. need. him. She’s as lame as a set of broken legs.

Let’s talk about loose ends. Now that Peter’s destroyed the virus, what’s happened to Caitlyn? Mrs. Petrelli’s comment about “Pandora’s Box”? Prove it. Nathan got doubletapped by a man very likely to be Mr. Bennett? If so, then Bennett spent the entire season working against The Company to sign back on with The Company? I wish he had doubletapped me at the end of the first season so I could have died before seeing crap. I also sincerely hope they give Nathan the antidote, because that’s a terrible waste of his redemption/beard shaving incident. Nikki/Jessica/Gina might be dead unless one of her other personalities is fireproof. I simply cannot wait until they waltz their way out of that one. How the hell did Peter remember all that crap? He stares at a picture of him and Nathan and his memory comes back? Then what good is The Haitian? I thought he took memories, not hid them.

Well now I guess I have to go write another cover letter and wait for the third season to come out.


  1. Kristen Bell.

  2. I think she’s pretty overrated. I also saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall before I saw Heroes and clearly forgot her. I’m also completely opposed to S&M.

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