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I watched Wating for Guffman last night and I nearly died laughing. That was simply the most sophisticated and extended use of a poop joke I have ever seen. When they introduced Blaine as the “Stool capital of the world” I nearly died. I mean, literally, couldn’t stop laughing until I explained the joke to my friends.

I don’t have a theatre background, but I think it was my improvisational comedy experience that helped because I have never laughed more about theatre. What I mean is, I think I only got that movie because a lot of the jokes during practice tended to revolve around theatre.

But that’s neither here nor there; I think this movie was like Talladega Nights combined with Tropic Thunder. Sure, sure, I haven’t seen Tropic Thunder yet, but the point is, this was a huge and hilarious critique of regional theatre as well as the movie industry. My sister would probably hate it (but laugh because she understands).


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