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I have to have read this somewhere because this is way too good for me to come up with while waiting in line at Target.

I was looking out at Brooklyn from Target’s windows and the only things that rose out above the buildings were these two separate church steeples. It made me think about how, back in the day, churches had always been the tallest buildings in the land–the original skyscrapers–because they were supposed to reach toward God and illustrate his glory. “See what God can create? The tallest building with the highest ceilings!”

Now skyscrapers literally dwarf churches all over New York. Has our new God become employment? As we work to get higher wages and better job security, tradition is that we work our way up to higher and higher floors in these skyscrapers. The most powerful people are always on the top floors. Are they not our new Gods? Do we not worship them as Gods every time we see them, whether it be in person or on TV?

I don’t know, I hope I don’t bet too caught up in “idol worship,” when I get older. I guess I also wish the FDNY was having applications this year instead of two or three years from now. Now for some more cover letters.


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  1. oh heyyyy picture of Boston tagged in Chris’ blog post

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