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Earlier today my roommate and I each made sandwiches. He had an English Muffin with egg, ham and cheese. Basically, I was about to make scrambled eggs but put my ham-monterray jack-wheat in it and then put it in a skillet. It’s like a french toast ham ‘n’ swiss.

Afterwards, we reflected; there is something about a warm sandwich that is just unbelievably satisfying. I tried to put my finger on it, but couldn’t. Something about how the melted cheese is comforting or how your cold cuts are no longer cold. It’s also entirely possible that it just plain feels better to cook something, to put some effort into your meal, to have to wait for your sandwich to cook.

I think one of the oldest tricks in the book to get people to like what you cook might be to not serve them until much after they are hungry. You just keep telling them it’s cooking. One time I started cooking a brisket for my friends way too late and by the time it was finally done, they had been complaining about debilitating hunger for two hours. When I finally served it, they all thought it was some of the best meat they had ever had. It might have helped that they had never had brisket before, but I’m sure that the long wait also had something to do with it.

I also think this might be why I have always preferred Quiznos over Subway. Maybe it feels like just that much more love has been put into making my sandwich and making sure it’s delivered to my stomach correctly. Almost like my mom was behind the counter, smiling, whispering, “Hey Chris. Made you a sandwich and it’s hot so you can stay warm.”

“Mom, it’s summer and like 80 degrees out.”

“Oh yeah? Well, then I guess you won’t like that extra Red Pepper I just put on it.”

But in reality, my Mom would never say that or do that because she hates spicy (and asian) food. The point I’m trying to make is that a warm sandwich, for some reason or another, feels like home.


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