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Alright, so a while back I took three things I loved and mixed them together. It’s like a white russian with strawberries on top. Or like an alcoholic milkshake. Maybe like a “strawberries dipped in chocolate” milkshake with alcohol.

I cut a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bar off its popsicle stick and put it in my shaker. Then I added equal parts milk and Kahlua. Basically enough to barely cover the ice cream bar. I muddled the bar a little then shook all of the contents and added ice cubes to the glass I put it in. I’m sure you can add ice cubes before you shake, but I’m not sure you really need the ice cubes to dilute it as much as you just need it to keep the beverage cold. You might want a spoon to get all those little chunky things that are usually on the outside of the bar or you could just try to drink them all. Your call.

This is probably the least healthy drink ever invented but I love it. I’ve actually been out of Strawberry Shortcake bars for a while so I won’t be drinking these for quite some time, which is probably a good thing. Anyway, I hope someone tries to make it and it doesn’t suck.


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