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I think George W. Bush is an idolator.

For all that talk the man does about the glory of God and that Jesus character, he certainly loves oil. Remember when the Crusades–v1.0–was basically just the most powerful alliance in the world (Catholicism) attempting to reclaim Jesus’ homeland out in the Middle East? Wouldn’t it be fair to say that America is currently the most powerful country in the world and that this is our attempt to reclaim what is most important to us in the Middle East?

I mean, when we invaded Afghanistan, it kind of made sense. When we invaded Iraq it made sense to the people selling it (Congress), but now that we have a huge deficit and oil is actually much, much more expensive than it used to be, is it not fair to ask if there was an ulterior motive? Perhaps Mr. Bush’s history with his own oil company–before he found out about these holy dudes–is an indication of his interest level. And that “Surge,” or, as I like to call it, Service Pack 2, sure has been helpful. Send more troops and then cut all their medical funding and veteran support when they get back home? Awesome, I see what’s important–to be a patriot we have to support the troops, but only while they’re abroad.

I don’t know, maybe idolatry is going a little bit too far, but it is a pretty cool theory. I think part of me just wanted to be holier-than-him, so that is kind of lame in retrospect.


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