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I honestly love Victoria’s Secret, but they certainly do provide some amazing jokes.

Like their fall line. Now there’s a good joke. Actually, that’s kind of dumb, but if you’ve been in recently, they’re trying to sell this “pales are sexy” thing and I think pale colors might be the least sexy colors ever invented. Maybe.

The lady at the cash register goes, “She’ll right out, she’s just finishing up an interview right now.” I proceed to walk around the store–without anyway of knowing what the lady I’m interviewing with looks like–for 40 minutes. It finally got the point that I was thinking, “I see the Body by Victoria bras are still located in the Body by Victoria room. Interesting.” So to the next employee who asked me if I needed help I said, “Oh, definitely. Is [the manager I was interviewing with] still here?” She smiles and goes, “Yeah that’s her over there,” while pointing across the room.

I go over, introduce myself and explain that I had an appointment set up for 1PM. The other manager behind the counter goes, “Is your watch behind a little? It’s 1:40.” I just laugh and go, “No, I’ve just been walking around the store for 40 minutes.”

So the lady takes me over to the interview area and then goes back to get my application. When she comes back she tells me that the girl I had talked to backed my story up. Hilarious.

So she’s the Stock Room Manager and all she does for the first five minutes is complain about the people who work in the stock room…kinda weird. I manage to make her laugh a couple of times so it’s not all terrible, though. At one point she asks me when I can start and I say, “Well for someone who’s unemployed, this week is surprisingly busy.” We both laugh and then talk about more stuff.

Check this out, though; when I ask if music is allowed in the back, she says iPods aren’t allowed because people wouldn’t be able to hear stock checks on the walkie talkies. The radio is okay, but iPods are not. When we start talking about how orientation is done she says, “We have a new system. The videos are kind of boring and aren’t all that helpful so they’re switching to walking the store with iPods”–at which point I chuckled–“It’s a really cool idea and I think it’s working really well.” When I tried to address the irony, she just kept talking.

Then she gave me a $.75 raise so I was thoroughly satisfied. Oh my god, I’m so broke.


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