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I had no idea my apartment-mates were so awesome. Some of them are producers, some of them work at Atlantic and some of them encouraged me to sleep with one of my apartmentmates. Gross.

Anyway, the most awesome of them agreed with me. Even the producers who work at major labels are like, “No, That T-Pain Shit? Done within the year.” I was all like, “Oh my God, Someone agrees with me. Best. Night. Ever.”

They were even like, “Yo, for real. Kanye’s last album was dope….but, too much radio play killed it.”

Even one of the guys was like, when I asked him who the best rapper alive was, “I mean Weazy is crazy in the booth. I hated on him, expected him to be an asshole, but the dude was the most down-to-earth guy I’ve ever met, but he’s not the best rapper alive. He’ll listen to a beat, Ingest it, come back five minutes later without writing anything down and rap.” I was like, “But what about Jay-Z?” and, of course, he goes, “dope as shit” and I was like, “Agreed.”

In general, it was great to meet some other people that thought T-Pain’s career would end within the year and that there are better rappers alive than Weezy. OMG, I’m not alone.

This certainly is a beautiful world.


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