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Look, so sometimes this hurts to admit, but sometimes there’s nothing better for you. My only roommate who’s not as white as I am made me realize I’m a dumbass.

I think it’s the first time I’ve cried since I heard my aunt was dead almost three years ago, but it was truly eye-opening. She posed it as “Ask-A-Black-Person” and I realized, she was right, I was totally trying to take advantage of the fact that I live with two white dudes and a black chick.

Sometimes, there’s nothing like realizing how ignorant you are than being one of a few who pretends to be OK with living far–FAR-away from what you grew up with. And yet, you both know that neither of you has ever experienced this sort of thing before and that you are on the douchehbag end for avoiding eye contact.

It comes downs to so much more than eye contact, but those are the basics, you see what I mean? I have secluded myself simply because of skin color. People are people and there’s no reason that People (who like the same music and culture that I do) should not get along with another. We all like to be alive, so why not co-exist?

I apologize for dreams of bullets in the head, Notorious B.I.G. fantasies, etc. I’m an ignorant asshole and I’m only just coming to terms with it, so, I’m sorry.

Again, sleep well, and know that I’m sorry that years in suburbia have disguised my ignorance.

No, seriously, for years I thought I was better than this. I sorry I’m an asshole and I promise it will never happen again. Good morrow.


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