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There seems to have been some sort of street rave over the weekend at my Alma mater. When the article about it was uploaded to the newspaper’s online community, to paraphrase The Roots, shit started poppin’ off world-wide. People brought up everything from the Vagina Monologues to Muslim professors taking down American flags–who, upon closer inspection, were American and not necessarily Muslim–after 9/11. Since all these exciting trivialities kept coming up, I get the impression that people–on both sides–have been storing up some things they wanted to say to each other and were glad to be able to finally express them in a forum.

General sentiment seemed to align in two camps: the kids said something along the lines of, “We work hard, we party hard, we don’t like this town and we don’t think WPD responded appropriately.” Of course, that was never literally said, but that’s neither here nor there. The adults seemed to say, when they were at their most coherent, “We work hard, we don’t understand why you have to party hard, this town doesn’t like you either and you were drinking in public. You broke the law and you’re whining too much because you’re privileged. Your school’s not that great and you need to act more maturely.”

So then, shouldn’t we be able to reach an agreement on this? Worcester‘s not the best city in the world. It’s okay to admit that the second biggest city in New England is not the second most awesome place in the world. But, in all honesty, what town hasn’t had it’s ups and downs? What city doesn’t have scars and down-and-out parts of town? You can find what you need and it’s near to a lot of other stuff that you can’t get right there. I know those generalities aren’t particularly insightful, but we’ve all got to live somewhere, right? At the very least, we’ve all got to live. (Oh Christ, I sound like such a hippie.)

If memory serves, one person said something about how she could not understand why college kids couldn’t act like mature adults. I guess, doesn’t it have to do with the part about how college kids are neither mature nor adults? I’m fairly sure that I never considered myself either one in college and even now it’s hard to call myself an adult; part time at Victoria’s Secret is not a career. I also submit that I ever become mature, I have lived a terrible lie.

Sure, sure, drinking underage is obviously illegal, but when you have people around you who are not only of age but also rife with fake IDs, why then is it so hard to believe college students drink illegally? I’m not condoning it, but let me say this: I was a Head Resident Assistant and I still found time to drink. I think it’s fair to say, drinking socially on the weekends is a part of our country’s makeup. Then again, just as underage drinking has become part of the definition of America, so has excessive (or binge) drinking.

I mean, is it me or are these things sort of obvious? I think some of the things I wrote are even summaries of some of the comments; most of the arguments I made are not original. I think these people could argue with each other ad nauseam and still come up with these same basic conclusions. Doesn’t that also imply that since this has been going on for years and that every “new” point someone makes is just another variation of all of the above, that these two opposing groups will never agree with each other? Everyone has the same points of contention but no one is able to present a solution; wouldn’t it be fair to say that these complaints are, quite possibly, devoid of a solution? No, I take that back; I have a solution.

Some kids made a mistake and went to jail. We’ve all made mistakes. Now everyone just shut the fuck up and get along.


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