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Has anyone else seen Duck you Sucker, nee A Fistful of Dynamite, and gotten the impression that this movie kind of didn’t make any sense? Sure, James Coburn was a complete and utter badass, but what the deuce was that final flashback about? Why the hell was Coburn’s friend kissing his main bitch? If I was a) more Irish, b) alive in the late 1800s and c) great with dynamite, why in the hell would I share my girlfriend with my friend? If he came near my woman, I’d blow him the hell up. That kind of bothers me too–he shot his boy because the dude was a rat? Not because of the woman thing? On top of that, he shot him in the mole? Was that mole supposed to act as foreshadowing? I want to see another movie where one of the character’s death is foreshadowed by a noncancerous mole. The character doesn’t have to get shot in the mole, it just has to be oddly colored enough that you go, hey, maybe this dude’s gonna die. That mole looks highly detrimental to his health in some form. (Insert your own “marked man” joke here)

Also, rape? Necessary? I get it, the dude needs more kids so he can bring in more money/proud of his d, but still–rape? Then the dude who rapes a chick in the first ten minutes becomes the hero? And in those ten minutes we have like 200 extreme close-ups of people chewing of food? Not for me.

To be honest, I did really like everything that happened every time someone said, “Duck, you sucker.” Consistently the best parts of the movie.

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