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I read a Vonnegut book recently where one of the major repeating statements (themes, motifs, etc) was that nature sympathised. This may sound pretty stupid, but I felt like that today. It was cold and overcast today and, I’m sure you can see this coming, I felt cold and overcast today. I went for a little walk and to the park (for an interesting reason, I think. The movie I was watching had a dog in it and I realized, yet again, that a pet would probably be the best bet for mental stability/health. Normally I would be able to settle for anything amongst the standard dog, cat or fish but the ideal pet in this situation is a dog because it would get me outside. So I went outside) and sat down on the benches.

When I first sat down, it was–surprise!–cold and overcast. I started watching this group of kids trying to throw a frisbee by spinning around in a circle and another group of kids playing catch. I couldn’t stop laughing at the latter group because they were playing catch golf-style with baseball bats.

Some guy was also parked outside the park, cleaning his car. When he started he was playing some Otis Redding and later, some Marvin Gaye. I was like, Oh, that’s cool, the guy likes some OG music. He had four subwoofers and tinted windows. I completely respected him. Then “I will always love you” started blaring and I suddenly lost all respect. He went from OG to cheap car washer. But then I looked back at the kids.

And then it was cold out and the skies were clear.


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