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Yes, it’s true. I went to my first Mensa meeting. But I bet you didn’t see this one coming: it was a meeting called “Smart Bar Hopping.”

The smart kids found the bar with the best selection of beers that I’ve ever seen. 22 beers on tap and some odd bottled beers that no one counted, but I bet there was a lot. The bartender actually knew beers and there wasn’t a light beer in sight.

A dude from Sweden bought me a beer for giving him a good beer recommendation. I mean, he rewarded me with a beer that I bought and thought was good enough to recommend by later buying three, only two of which went to himself. Beer rewarded with beer. I should give into my very European genetics and live there at some point. If tonight has been any indication, the jokes are good, the beer is glorious and the girls are sparse. Well, considering the latter, I can’t go.

The one female who was a member of the group did tell me about the meetings where the girls are cute. She was fairly cute for being elderly and married, so I figured I’d take her word. More to come.

Also, interesting phenomenon: I was the youngest person there. That’s not really the weird part (particularly considering that we met at a bar), just kind of the tip of the iceberg. The other two relatively young men seemed to make a friendship with each other and no one else. I tried to talk to the both of them but it was fairly strenuous. The nicest people the whole night were all the people furthest from me in age (and the two girls there who weren’t even in Mensa). Just some of the nicest, most engaging and genuinely interested people I’ve met in a while. And everyone’s quick so the jokes are frequent and excellent.

Another interesting phenomenon: everyone expects these people to be pocket protector wearing antisocialites, but only half of them are. I’m exaggerating, but it was reassuring to find out that smart people need to be around other people. I guess what I mean is, it was nice to belong, to find out that I can do smart stuff and not sequester myself in my apartment, my room or my books. Good stuff.


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