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This is terribly embarrassing to admit, but I thoroughly enjoy the CW’s Valentine.

A part of me knows this is a terrible show that will be lucky to make it to its third season, but another part of me can’t stop buying into the cheese. But, then again, I literally watch each episode with my hands on my junk to make sure nothing’s receding. Even facing loss of manhood, I appear to like believing that some Greek gods that haven’t been heard from in like 2,500 years are not only still alive but also becoming mortal. It might also appealing for me to think that someone will magically show up and be forced through fate and some kitschy last-minute shenanigans to fall in love with me.

Wow–that statement is far more embarrassing than liking the show, probably because I know that’s not how romance works, I don’t really buy into fate, and I kind of don’t want someone to do this for me.

We really need to get internet for the whole apartment so I can use my computer in my room instead of sitting in the TV room so I can steal my landlady’s Wifi and watch subpar television. K, see you guys after Heroes tomorrow!!!


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