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Can you believe this? I don’t have a costume yet. Halloween is pretty much my favorite holiday (Christmas may be number one as well, though–exemplars of family values, consumerism and breaks from work abound. Also, Valentine’s Day consistently sucks) and I haven’t done anything to prepare. Well, last weekend I watched the first Saw, but that’s not saying much because I hate scary movies and that movie has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween.

The one day of the year when I get to dress up outside of dress code and express another section of a day in my life and I’ve done nothing. Usually, I’d be a pirate, Donatello, Optimus Prime, or Hugh Hefner, but this year it looks like I’ll be a buisinessman.

That sort of begs the question, then, doesn’t it? Is that the only aspect of my personality left to express? Is that all I’ve become? I was hoping there could still be some childish part of me to express but I already have pirate cuff links and a bikini tie. Perhaps I could be Jimmy Page or Tad Kubler, and show that I may no longer have the complete mentality of 10 year old, just the childish dreams of rock stardom and childish desires for illicit alcoholic beverages. Although, at 10, I think I’d only had one sip of beer and one sip of wine and was completely opposed to both.

Perhaps, if I can find the proper equipment in time, I can dress up as a dream I’ve had and been holding onto for quite sometime. I could be a fireman or perhaps even a Stay at Home Dad.


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