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I was watching Superbad last night and I realized there are a multitude of reasons why that movie is great. Allow me to indulge myself.

I think it is, in essence, a classic comedy because it contains elements of both New and Old comedy (in the Grecian sense), all appropriate for our generation and our time. Old comedy tends to revolve around phallus jokes while New comedy tends be best characterized by farces related to identity crises. The phallus jokes are pretty extensive in Superbad just as my own identity crisis is fully represented. The identity crisis of those two is fairly obvious as well: two young men, seemingly outcast, become ladies men after finding liquor. Liqour becomes a magic recipe that transforms them, only the magic doesn’t last the whole night.

I didn’t even have to finish the whole movie to conclude that I am half Seth and half Evan. I curse like a misanthropic comedian with Tourrette’s and constantly and openly discuss inappropriate things just as as often as Seth does, but I can also be just as witty as Even (though less modest, apparently) and have the same inordinate amount of respect for women (“…here’s to…here’s to respect…to the respect of women”). That is to say, as Groucho Marx once said, “I don’t care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members,” and I’ve had the same level of distrust roughly since high school (c.f, colleges, clubs, extracurricular activities, etc). Years of training has taught me that if a girl decides she’s into me, it’s probably because she’s consumed absurd amounts of alcohol or other judgment-altering drugs. To hook up with her or even attempt to date her would be inconsiderate because she wasn’t in a clear state of mind when she decided she liked me. I have to respectfully decline because I don’t want to ruin her life. I also think a part of me wants to maintain the current status of my lovelife (D.O.A.) in order to write lyrics and play guitar like John Mayer. But I digest.

The movie itself constantly gives me hope, even in the face of absurd belief systems about belonging, ridiculous plans to capture girlfriends (“…we could be that mistake!”), and races against self-constructed and yet somehow nonexistent deadlines (“…by then I’ll be the Iron Chef of pounding Vajj”). They both seem to get the girl at the end and the movie presents some kind of endorsement for dating and hanging out with girls over hookups fueled by obscene amounts of cheap liqour. Thus, this movie acts as a constant source of optimism as well as a source of quality comedy harkening back to the comedy of yore all while firmly establishing itself as a model of the present.

But you don’t have to like it because I do; your maturity may have already graduated from high school. Congratulations, let’s meet back here and discuss in a couple of years.


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