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Wasn’t it enough that half your album has been on repeat at the Victoria’s Secret where I work–even before I started working there? No, you wouldn’t be satisfied with constant repeat, you had to go further and have, consistently, the best songs on each of the two CDs that played…all summer.

There may never be something so emasculating as knowing the chorus to “Pumpkin Soup” and thoroughly enjoying singing “I just want your kiss, boy” while being the one guy in the beauty department as well as the only employee in the room. Well, actually going out and acting on those lyrics–that just might be a little more emasculating. But I mean, it’s so damn catchy; I’m just so glad it’s not that catchy.

You have to admit, your producer deserves at least one award or at least 25% of the profit you make off this CD. Something. Because there is no way you were sitting in your room, playing your guitar and all like, “You know what Pumpkin Soup needs? A horn section and spaceship noises!” Furthermore, there’s no way you could have thought of that beat for “Skeleton Song” or that you needed stacatto violins breaking out into a symphony. I mean, if you did, you are like a million times more talented than I thought, but I just see that as a definite part of the producer department.

Woah, let’s slow down. I’m not questioning your integrity or anything. If your lyrics cast you as anything, you definitely seem like an extremely honest–if not blunt–girl. But I’m just saying, this is easily one of the best produced albums I’ve listened to in a long time. And nothing makes me feel gayer than saying that for a multitude of reasons: it implies that I’ve 1) listened to your album enough to identify some kind of staggered keyboard effect during the chorus of “Foundations,” 2) enjoyed “Merry Happy” enough to sing along to it, and 3) purchased the whole album so I could listen to it in its entirety. You bitch! (“Yeah, intelligent input, darling”)

Also, can we address the sheer brilliance of “Shit Song” for a moment? I don’t know if you meant that the production was surprisingly and uncharacteristically “shitty” in the beginning or if you were referring to the lyrics during that part of the song. You basically have the producer record you coughing and cursing and then you start repeating yourself over a Garageband beat loop. Then you go and make the hole song about how your love interest is full of shit? It’s so good. Even on top of that, the whole thing you do with summer time and wine and not making it cliche? Good form, milady. Good form. You bitch! Stop making me like your music!

Mouthwash” is a thoroughly enjoyable song and makes me want to buy mouthwash. I hate you. “Dickhead” is excessively cute: Using people singing for the bass line? Get right out of town. No, seriously, get the fuck out. I hate you, your cuteness, your originality and your producer.

Get out of my head.



  1. pumpkin soup is my ring tone, and i’m so glad you can admit that you love/hate/love kate nash. hope nyc is still awesome, way jealous you’ll see jenn the canadian soon.


  2. mostly hate to love her, it is, she’s here.


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