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“Dis Dat Brooklyn Bullshit.”

I mean, this lady was being an utter asshole but this sentence (although it’s technically not a sentence because it doesn’t have a verb) pretty much made my day. She was at the end of the line at Victoria’s Secret and she was pissed that there weren’t two lines. So the managers finally split up the lines after she yelled other ignorant things I don’t really want to type and she was still at the end. She asserted that she wasn’t an idiot and that not splitting up the lines the kind of Male Bovine Feces indicated above. I guess she’s not an idiot but she’s definitely an inconsiderate dickhead. That’s right; I called her an Asshole Dickhead.

Anyway, I absolutely love what she’s done with that sentence. She’s got alliteration with the first two words and then with the last two too. She’s even gotten in some assonance with the first word and the last. With the implied verb, “is,” she has assonance with three words and plain old rhyming with the first two words (“This [is]”). Somehow I kind of expect this to show up in poetry since this is something that authors who love to write about real life could sneak in and could actually get away with. It’s something that people obviously really say and yet it has all the word play of rap, spoken word, and some modern poetry. That lady may have been a multitude of body parts but what she said was absolutely awesome.


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