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7:30AM—8:45AM:     Shower, Breakfast
8:45AM—10AM:        Commute
10AM—5PM              Internship
5PM—6:15PM            Commute
6:15PM—7:30PM       Run, Shower, Dinner
7:30PM—8PM            Commute
8PM—12AM              Floorset at The Secret

12AM—12:30AM       Floorset at The Secret
12:30AM—1:30AM    Bodega Breakfast
1:30AM—6:30AM      Floorset at The Secret
6:30AM—7AM           Commute
7AM—2PM                Sleep
2PM—4PM                 Shower, Dinner (?), Lounge
4PM—4:30PM            Commute
4:30PM—12AM         Victoria’s Secret

12AM—1AM              Victoria’s Secret
1AM—1:30AM           Commute
2AM—7:30AM           Sleep
7:30AM—8:45AM      Shower, Breakfast
8:45AM—10AM         Commute
10AM—10:30AM       Interview With Editorial Assistant
10:30AM—11AM       Interview With Executive Editor*
11AM—11:15AM       Phone Call with Mom
11:15AM—12PM       Commute
12PM—4:15PM          Internship
4:15PM—5PM            Commute
5PM—12AM              Victoria’s Secret

12AM—12:30AM       Victoria’s Secret
12:30AM—1AM         Commute
2AM—7:30AM           Sleep
7:30AM—8:45AM      Shower, Breakfast
8:45AM—10AM         Commute
10AM—7PM              Internship
7PM—8:15PM            Commute
8:15PM—12AM         Relax

12AM-7:30AM           Sleep
7:30AM—8:45AM      Shower, Breakfast
8:45AM—10AM         Commute
10AM—3PM              Internship
3PM—4PM                 Commute
4PM—12AM              Victoria’s Secret

12AM—2AM              Victoria’s Secret

*I probably talked with my mom about this for longer. I was completely broadsided in this interview. I mean, I shot for the stars and all but when I got there I think I caught fire. The lady ended the interview with a line about talking to her husband (a fellow alum) about law enforcement. I sat there and thought… “You think I should do what? I thought we both understood I came in because I’m pretty good at reading.”


Between 8PM Monday and 8PM Tuesday I spent 12.5 hours working at Victoria’s Secret. Lame sauce

During the 5 days that normally constitutes a work week, I used three trains (3, 4 and 7) and 14 swipes on my MetroCard. I love the 30 Day Unlimited so much.

Pages read in James Joyce’s Ulysses while commuting for those same five days: 112.

Pages I had to start over because I didn’t know what was going on: 7.

Total times I listened to The Afghan Whigs’ 1965 all the way through: 6.

Eggs eaten: 9.

Times people reminded me (without me asking) where the coffee machine was at the internship: 4.

Times my mind got blowed clear into quarters: 2 (during the interview, talking with mom about how badly I did in my interview).


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  1. sounds like a helluva week.

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