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After extended aisle pacing and deliberation I finally bought my first box of Cookie Crisp back on Friday. When I was a kid, there was just so much hype on TV and yet so much restriction. The commercials made it sound like it was perfectly okay to live on the wild side and eat an entire bowl of cookies for breakfast. But then even eying a box of cereal in the grocery store that was touching a box of Cookie Crisp induced strong rebukes from my Mother. Somehow, Reese’s Puffs were okay but Cookie Crisps were an unforgivable sin in a house that never attended church unless it was a holiday.

So I figured, I haven’t even really been eating cereal much lately, I’m going to buy this and enjoy bachelorhood at its finest. And then I found out it doesn’t even really taste like cookies. I went in expecting a bowl full of chocolate chip cookies but I didn’t expect they would be tiny, stale chocolate chip corn meal things. When I got to the end of the bowl I even found out I preferred the milk to the cereal. I guess I was just really thirsty.

Maybe my mom knew all along it tasted gross.


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