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Sigh. Well, if you know me (highly unlikely), you probably know there’s a tiny little place in my heart reserved for chick flicks.

My Netflix account granted me the power to watch When Harry Met Sally on DVD and to promptly follow it with an internet rendition of Made of Honor. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, but Made of Honor feels like it’s When Harry Met Sally + ADHD + Scotland.

I think Made of Honor just might be When Harry Met Sally written for our generation. Two smart people meet in college. (Pardon the massive digression, but one of the smartest kids I’ve met got accepted to U. of Chicago and didn’t go, while Cornell is an Ivy League school so you kind of have to assume that everyone who goes there is brilliant. Yet, I don’t remember anyone from my high school’s graduating class going there. I remember kids going to Yale, Annapolis, Harvard, Grinnell and Rice. And somehow, the smartest kids I knew {personally} went to Denison, Case Western and–as mentioned–not U. of Chicago.) They tolerate (hate?) each other and then all the important stuff happens once we get to the ten-year reunion of their meeting. They kiss. They realize they love one another. They don’t talk about it. They face the facts: best friendship between a man and a woman just might mean they should spend the rest of their lives together.

The only exceptions might be that: 1) When Harry Met Sally is kind of awesome, 2) Billy Crystal’s “I love you because…” speech is far better than…well…I guess I’ll get back to you because it might be better than any other “I love you” speech I’ve heard.


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