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I went to the Holiday Mensa meeting today. Quite an experience.

It started off fine, but I did send a text to my mom because I noticed the only person younger than me when I got there was a newborn. Almost everyone else was at least a septuagenarian (not the mom of the newborn, of course). Obviously, I would have loved for some people my age around but these old people were nice and, I think it goes without saying, super-smart. So conversation was light but easy and somewhat comfortable.

Then after lunch I made the mistake of talking to this one dude. I don’t know how I do it, but I always  seem to attract the most introverted people in Mensa meetings. And of course, that’s when all the people my age start to show up–people I’d like to talk to are finally here and I can’t escape Captain Then There Was This One Time. I honestly have no explanation besides the fact that I’m good at listening or how I have a hard time saying goodbye. There was actually a point, probably somewhere around the hour mark, where I realized this guy wouldn’t stop. After about another hour and a half–even after telling him I was going to go try to meet new people–I decided to make up an urgent appointment and leave.

So the lesson here is, although my ability to make the conversation all about the other person is very strong, my ability to get them to stop is not so good. That is to say, I need to work on my ability to breakaway and start conversations with other people.

I think I’m going to watch Transformers to make myself feel better.


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