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This actually seems more like a a slang than a blanket New Yorker terminology, but if you want to speak like you’re from Brooklyn, Harlem or the Bronx, start saying, “Good lookin’,” or “Good lookin’ out.” It’s generally synonymous with “Thanks” or “Good work.”

Ex. 1:
1: “Hey man, I cleaned the bathroom and swept the floor.”
2: “My dude. Good lookin’.”

Ex. 2:
1: “Excuse me sir, do you know if you have any more Amber Romance gift sets in the back?”
2: “No, we don’t. I’m sorry about that.”
1: “Could you check?”
2: “I could, but I don’t want to waste both my time and yours. We ran out of those a week ago.”
1: “Aight, good lookin’.”

Ex. 3:
The end of J. Cole’s verse on Wale’s “Beautiful Bliss.”



  1. I’ve got a friend who swears that J. Cole is nice. Sup B.

  2. Whut it dew?

    He’s aight; not my favorite rapper ever, but I can see why people started liking him.

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