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Saw Avatar in my local Imax theater yesterday. Stupid humans.

I’ve also been hearing rumors about stolen story lines and assorted complaints, but I tell you I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m also sure when the DVD release date comes up people will start complaining about how it’s not the same as Imax or RealD or whathaveyou, but all I can tell you right now is that it was a beautiful movie. Perhaps a  little weak in places–how the unobtainable-on-Earth mineral was called “unobtanium,” or the guy named “Selfridge” because it sounds like “Selfish”–but I think I was busy staring at Pandora and falling in love with Zoe Saldana or imagining flying on that pterodactyl-thing like Sam Worthington.

[Ed. note: Spoiler–even though they totally foreshadowed it–Alert] Right after Jake Sully conquered the larger pterodactyl-thing and gave his speech about uniting and aligning and strength and stupid humans, I shed a tear. That’s why I liked this movie (even though it made me feel like I have a vagina).

Anyway, love loves to love love and I loved it.



  1. … right on, saw this at the IMAX myself…twice, and the second time was sweeter just because I sat four rows further up instead of all the way in the back! Well, that and the fact that with a Cameron movie, you always get more the second time around. I read an interview with the ‘Maestro’ where he talked about the importance of engaging the audience ’emotionally’. Cool to read that from an Alpha Male like Cameron!

    Oh, why did you feel like you had a va-jay jay after watching the movie???

  2. Well, it made me feel like I had a va-jay jay because it made me shed a tear, but if a guy who’s had five wives, directed Oscar-winning movies and drag-raced cars he souped up himself says that was the whole point, then I guess I’m okay with it.

  3. I saw Avatar before it came out: it was called Fern Gully back then.

    I kid, I kid – while I found the storyline a, I though the visuals were incredible, and totally made up for the flashes of Dune that were going through my mind.

  4. When I saw it the first time, they called it Pocahontas, but that wasn’t the point I was trying to make: Regardless of the weaknesses, I liked this movie a lot because it was absolutely beautiful to look at. I was willing to suspend my plot-line-disbelief in favor of a beautiful world.

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