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A lot of the language I’ve seen concerning the sitting president seems to revolve around his inability to get anything done. Sure, he’s a Democratic President with a Democratic Congress, but it seems to me that the basic problem is not really his inability to force legislation through congress, but rather democratic dogma itself.

This is extremely reductionist, but, for the sake of argument, let’s say democrats are progressives and republicans are conservatives. How do you plan for progress? How can you get everyone to agree on what will be best for the future? How is it that you plan for a future with multiple wars, languages, religions and races? How do you maintain America’s reputation as a melting pot for a multitude of cultures while fears of terrorism and Islam increase almost daily?

For conservatives, defining policy seems to be pretty easy: if it was okay in the fifties, it should not only be okay now but also a law. No abortion! More God! Less Gays! Less government! But for progressives, a lot of the answers seem to come after sitting around for a couple months, talking about our feelings and then making the best choice possible—because there’s no rule book on this shit. The future could go any way, but it doesn’t seem to go backwards into the past.

And I guess that’s why I believe in the audacity to vote for the hope of progress and change.


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