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Here’s some super-exciting news: I start taking a class at Juilliard tonight. I don’t believe it, either. Not only do I live no more than three blocks away from one of the best classical conservatories in the world, but I’m going to take night classes there on Wednesdays for a semester. Oh, to live and breathe with a better knowledge of music.

In a related note, the professor recommended buying a voice recorder so I practice reading the notes the correct way. But I think I’ve subliminally wanted a voice recorder since I borrowed a friend and fellow editor’s to conduct interviews in college. I thoroughly enjoyed interviews even though it sometimes proved exceedingly difficult.

Which brings me to a solution to two of my resolutions: I can start interviewing (something I love) girls over coffee. BAM! 1-2-K.O.! Thus, the concept is to ask the same 5 questions and just watch as the answers pile up, baffle, astound, and impress. And then I’ll obviously have other questions but I think it’ll get too personal beyond that; it’d also be a lot to transcribe for a blog that averages about 4 views a day.


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