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A stridently disappointing St. Patrick’s Day until the last 15 minutes.  She’s Out of My League was kind of underwhelming then I spent the rest of the day researching jobs and drafting cover letters. I got everything in class right except the notes, which was the last part of the day. So the lasting impression was the time when I fucked up.

Luckily, there are a few things I pretty much always enjoy so I figured out how to play The-Dream’s “Fast Car” on my guitar. You read that right: I taught myself how to play all the notes in an R&B song. Truly a momentous day. I’ve been working on this song for maybe a month and it just clicked when I put my guitar in dropped-D. It’s probably safe to say that conquering this song has provided a little more impetus to get a real job so I can get a desktop computer and Pro Tools and string all these bass and guitar lines together. They need to be together, not just written down in a notebook on my shelf.

Man, I’d record the shit out of that song.


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