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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Finished Gravity’s Rainbow today. A monumental book, but I have to admit it’s not my style; I can see the guy‘s a crazy talented writer, I just don’t know if I need so much S&M in my literature. There’s definitely a page-long scene with one of the main characters shitting in someone’s mouth.

I think I understand why, though. I took a class on comedy in college and we talked a lot about dicks: dicks are funny. But we also talked a little about why weapons look like dicks. Sure, a rocket wouldn’t travel very far shaped like ovaries or a vagina, but what you have is basically a flying dick. Thus I understand why a book about a rocket was so sexual, but I have yet to see the need for all the pedophilia or the S&M.

But then again, that could be the whole point: war is sexual but it’s derelict, war if fucked up, war is fucked, war is fucking. When it comes down to it, war is fucking some guy out of his property. Maybe that means Germany used rockets to fuck Great Britain into submission but Great Britain finally said “No.” Thus, everybody was fucking and they were fucking weirdly. Or maybe Germany just loves S&M.

What’s killing me though is that I know I’ll have to reread this book to understand it. Sure, being beyond the 00000 is much better than nothing–maybe somewhere around an 87% comprehension rate–but something tells me that getting to 00001 will feel like–


The thing that terrifies me most about my birthday? If I drink enough, I might start a Twitter account.

Getting up at three in the morning to be at work at five isn’t the best way to start a birthday, but I think I want to take it as a sign: it’s all uphill from here. Next week the new internship starts up and today I’m gettin’ my age up.

Cannot wait to take a nap later. Maybe a good birthday present would be coffee. Or a job offer. We’ll see.

Full Albums:

  • Meth, Ghost and Rae, Wu Massacre
  • B.B. King, Live in Cook County Jail
  • The Gaslight Anthem, The ’59 Sound
  • Various, Hip Hop Is Read Presents The Tape Deck ’10: The Best of Q1
  • Kate Nash, My Best Friend is You
  • The Hold Steady, Stay Positive
  • Free Energy, Stuck on Nothing
  • Empire of the Sun, Walking on a Dream

Honestly, the two most disappointing things about Wu Massacre are the chorus for “It’s That Wu Shit” and the length. Two of the songs are skits–sure, they’re hilarious–but that leaves only nine songs. It’s like an EP and a half. Really all I want out of it is more–more beats like “Youngstown Heist,” “Our Dreams” or “It’s That Wu Shit” with a better chorus.

As a huge fan of Made of Bricks, Kate Nash’s last effort was kind of a disappointment. Also, “Mansion Song” was terrifying; I understand it, I just never expected it from the same lovely woman who did “Pumpkin Soup” and “Mouthwash.”

Random Highlights:

  • “Morning Dreams”–Ladyhawke
  • “Runnin’ Out”–Chickenfoot
  • “Marry You”–B.B. King and Eric Clapton
  • “Tomorrow Never Knows”–The Beatles
  • “Travelin’ (feat. Money Addict & B. Dewitt)”–Dawggy Bagz (Fear and Loathing in Hunt’s Vegas)

I saw MGMT’s performance on SNL and I’m thoroughly unimpressed. I mean, I get it: they’re cooler than I am, smarter than I am and went to a better school than I did, but what I don’t get is what happened last night. Rolling Stone loves them but I don’t understand why they’re getting away with pretending they’re living in 1969 or that playing out of key is cool.

Sure, it’s art, I get that too, but even jazz masters still play in a key. All that stuff about “listening for the notes they aren’t playing” tends to really only apply when you’re not playing the chromatic scale or just playing your keyboard with your guitar.

I also just want them to take some singing lessons and worry less about crescendos. I guess the song content is probably the most original part of their stuff–songs about producers. I mean, I’m a Brian Eno fan, too, I just don’t know if I’d ever write a song about him. Maybe someday I’d want to record with Brendan O’Brien, but writing a song about him isn’t really in the cards.

Maybe their record is better; I’m a huge “Electric Feel” fan and “Kids” isn’t terrible. Maybe they can actually sing on Congratulations, but I must admit this performance did not make me feel like rushing out to the stores to double check. Or like downloading it illegally, for that matter.

Full albums:

  • The Hold Steady, Boys and Girls in America
  • Meth, Ghost and Rae, The Wu-Massacre
  • Wale, Attention Deficit
  • Seasick Steve, Cheap
  • The-Dream, Love vs. Money
  • The Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street
  • Joe Bonamassa, The Ballad of John Henry
  • Ladyhawke, Ladyhawke
  • Lily Allen, It’s not me, it’s you
  • Outkast, Aquemini

All told, Aquemini was surprisingly good–I was thoroughly pleased Raekwon was all over the last thirty seconds of “Rosa Parks.” Also, I have a problem with listening to and loving just about every song on Ladyhawke; “Manipulating Woman,” “Another Runaway” and “Oh My” play at work and are pretty much always in my head.

Stand-outs from the random collection:

  • “Stop! In the name of love”–The Supremes (awesome bass line)
  • “In Step”–Girl Talk
  • “Tramp (Featuring Carla Thomas)”–Otis Redding
  • “Rhinestone Eyes”–Gorillaz
  • “Let’s Stop Playing (Feat. John Legend)”–Ghostface Killah
  • Dancing in the Street“–Van Halen
  • “Mouthwash”–Kate Nash
  • “Criminology 2.5”–Meth, Ghost and Rae
  • “Introductions” and “Worry, Worry”–B.B. King (Live in Cook County Jail)

My parents decided to get me one of these newfangled droid phones for my birthday. So now I can write a post on my phone about how pissed off I am at my new phone.

Who thought deleting all of my phone contacts in order to synchronize my gmail contacts as my phone contacts was a good idea? Like I’m gonna call someone’s fucking email address.

Other than that morning-ruiner, I kind of like this thing.

I recently realized that some of my most popular posts are about music. Also, some of my favorite things are music, so I did some thinking after watching Julie & Julia. I realized that I have no reason to ever set a deadline for this blog but I can’t just keep writing about things that really only matter to me or people who matter to me.

So I figured I’d start a series–in addition to Talk Like a New Yorker and 5 Questions–called This Week In Music. The idea is to write about what I’ve been listening in the previous week to and, perhaps, why. I spend a lot of time commuting or writing cover letters and I tend not to do either without a soundtrack of some sort.

For a while I was sharing all of my current music manias with my college roommate, but I feel like this information would be more relevant for the masses because I like to think I have a fairly eclectic taste in music that spreads across more than a few genres. Thus, I’m hoping it’ll be more interesting for more people than just me.

The whole plan had been to start it yesterday, post consistently on Sundays, but I worked an 11 hour shift at Vickie’s. I spent time doing things like moving half of the beauty supplies in one stockroom into another stockroom. By throwing boxes. By climbing shelves without a ladder. By closing the store the night before and sleeping for only 5 hours to come in and work 11.

Sorry my plan got fucked up, but my priority was sleep because my back was fucked up. But no worries, my loss will be your gain…promise.

There are two kinds of people: those who run and those who run their mouths. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but you’d better believe my thighs are massive. Beep beep.