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I recently realized that some of my most popular posts are about music. Also, some of my favorite things are music, so I did some thinking after watching Julie & Julia. I realized that I have no reason to ever set a deadline for this blog but I can’t just keep writing about things that really only matter to me or people who matter to me.

So I figured I’d start a series–in addition to Talk Like a New Yorker and 5 Questions–called This Week In Music. The idea is to write about what I’ve been listening in the previous week to and, perhaps, why. I spend a lot of time commuting or writing cover letters and I tend not to do either without a soundtrack of some sort.

For a while I was sharing all of my current music manias with my college roommate, but I feel like this information would be more relevant for the masses because I like to think I have a fairly eclectic taste in music that spreads across more than a few genres. Thus, I’m hoping it’ll be more interesting for more people than just me.

The whole plan had been to start it yesterday, post consistently on Sundays, but I worked an 11 hour shift at Vickie’s. I spent time doing things like moving half of the beauty supplies in one stockroom into another stockroom. By throwing boxes. By climbing shelves without a ladder. By closing the store the night before and sleeping for only 5 hours to come in and work 11.

Sorry my plan got fucked up, but my priority was sleep because my back was fucked up. But no worries, my loss will be your gain…promise.


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