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I saw MGMT’s performance on SNL and I’m thoroughly unimpressed. I mean, I get it: they’re cooler than I am, smarter than I am and went to a better school than I did, but what I don’t get is what happened last night. Rolling Stone loves them but I don’t understand why they’re getting away with pretending they’re living in 1969 or that playing out of key is cool.

Sure, it’s art, I get that too, but even jazz masters still play in a key. All that stuff about “listening for the notes they aren’t playing” tends to really only apply when you’re not playing the chromatic scale or just playing your keyboard with your guitar.

I also just want them to take some singing lessons and worry less about crescendos. I guess the song content is probably the most original part of their stuff–songs about producers. I mean, I’m a Brian Eno fan, too, I just don’t know if I’d ever write a song about him. Maybe someday I’d want to record with Brendan O’Brien, but writing a song about him isn’t really in the cards.

Maybe their record is better; I’m a huge “Electric Feel” fan and “Kids” isn’t terrible. Maybe they can actually sing on Congratulations, but I must admit this performance did not make me feel like rushing out to the stores to double check. Or like downloading it illegally, for that matter.


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