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Have  you ever had a 24 -hour day? Did it  happen while you were still in college?

I might not have done a work-marathon like Tuesday night/Wednesday morning since last summer, but it brings up some serious questions for me: If I’m the kind of guy who can be considered desirable enough at two places of employment to schedule for two workdays in one day, why is it that I’m still ungainfully employed? I know of a collection of people (and employers) off the top of my head who seem to like me and seem to find me reliable and yet, here I am working in retail and interning still. I’m reliable, talented and able–you’d think that’d be a good thing.

So the internship is Mondays and Tuesdays and today was Day 3. I spend most of my time using iShowU to capture videos from websites and Tivo boxes. Realistically, editing the videos can be a little monotonous and repetitive, but I also spend most of my days watching funny clips or catching up on classic comedy routines. And I get to put that on my resume. Yes, in Webster’s that’s probably Ex. 4 for “ludicrous” or Ex. 2 for “awesome.”

It’s not like it’s solid gold, though. I admit the responsibilities list is weak right now; I have independence like I’ve never before and I keep battling off urges to just spend my time there applying for jobs. I mean come on, my resume is amazing: who else interns this much or for this long?

No matter where I get my next job, I’m very excited to have this new phone with me. I got a Yelp app for it and for three out of three days, the recommendations have been amazing (obviously I filter for $ because I can’t spend $$$$). I went to an Indian place back on Tuesday that had Saag Paneer that, for the first time I know of, made me think, “Holy shit, I need way more spinach.”

Today I had some of the best Mexican food this side of the Mason-Dixon. I’m probably not qualified to make that statement, but I can definitely tell you I was extremely surprised that a hole-in-the-wall place like this with more signs about the absence of a bathroom than employees could have such quality tortillas and hot sauce. And then there was a coffee shop right across the street that had delicious coffee and white-chocolate macadamia-nut cookies. Thus, today was a mouth- and brain-gasm day. I love being me right now, I just need a new job that would let me afford to continue to love being me.


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