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Holy crap, there isn’t a person who works at Gawker who isn’t cooler than me. Even the people who used to be interns are still cooler than me. I feel like I need to pick up a cigarette habit, a general disdain for stuff and an interest in the same sex. But then again, my boss is kind of the shit and he seems to have none of those things, particularly the latter. Seriously, the guy’s amazing. About the nicest guy you’ll ever meet with way more talent than you’ll ever have use for.

But the point remains. After bowling, everyone went to a bar where there was definitely a set of trannies lip-synching songs. I was totally out of my element; for the first time in my life, I bowled less than 120 and then went to a bar with trannies.

And I definitely checked in at all of these places. My life continues to take a turn for the weird.


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