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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Full Albums:

  • The Afghan Whigs, 1965
  • The Son of Chico Dusty
  • The Gaslight Anthem, American Slang
  • The Hold Steady, Heaven is Whenever
  • Living Things, Ahead of the Lions
  • Lykke Li, Youth Novels
  • Pearl Jam, Backspacer
  • Prince, Prince
  • Raekwon, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. II
  • The Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street (Deluxe Edition)
  • The-Dream, Love King (Deluxe Edition)
  • UGK, Ridin’ Dirty

Random Excellence

  • Van Halen, “Unchained”
  • The Ting Tings, “Great DJ”
  • Ludacris, “P-Poppin'”
  • GZA, “0% Finance”
  • Interpol, “Heinrich Maneuver”

Songs of the Week

  • Royskopp, “Happy Up Here”
  • The Heavy, “How You Like Me Now?
  • The Hold Steady, “The Smidge”


1. Nothing to see here. Move along.


Full Albums:

  • Big Boi, Sir Luscious Leftfoot, the Son of Chico Dusty1
  • The Black Keys, Brothers
  • Common, Like Water for Chocolate
  • Empire of the Sun, Walking on a Dream
  • Fall Out Boy, From Under the Cork Tree2
  • The Gaslight Anthem, American Slang
  • The Heavy, The House that Dirt Built
  • Jay-Z, The Black Album1
  • Kanye West, Graduation
  • Kasabian, West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum4
  • LCD Soundsystem, This is Happening!1
  • Lykke Li, Youth Novels
  • M.I.A, MAYA3
  • Mayer Hawthorne, A Strange Arrangement
  • Meth, Ghost and Rae, Wu Massacre
  • New Found Glory, New Found Glory2
  • Royksopp, Junior
  • Taking Back Sunday, Where You Want to Be2
  • The-Dream, Love King (Deluxe Edition)
  • Yelle, Pop Up

Random Excellence:

  • TV on the Radio, “I Was a Lover”
  • A Tribe Called Quest, “Award Tour”
  • Toots and the Maytals, “Time Tough”
  • Snoop Dogg, “Gangsta Luv (Mayer Hawthorne G-mix)”
  • Leona Naess, “Leave Your Boyfriends Behind”5

1. The more I listen to it, the better it gets.
2. Some emo shit, sure. But I love it. Really cool guitar work with lyrics I’ve loved since high school. Sometimes emo shit doesn’t have to totally suck. It’s like white boy blues: angry, loud and oftentimes misguided. I’ll probably play this for my kids anyway.
3. Eh. 50/50. Needs some Jay-Z in this bitch.
4. Expected more, but I’m not sure why. Their first two albums were hit or miss, too.
5. They play this at work a lot. I love being able to say, “Let’s go out late, drink a lot” and have an excuse. “Pardon me?” “Just the song lyrics, miss. I don’t know you.”

  • “I don’t care.”

I encountered this yesterday when I toured Harlem with an editor I used to work for in the neighborhood she used to live in. We observed a man who has become synonymous with the neighborhood pretty much because he is the only person who wears a cowboy hat in the area.

This man had taken the initiative to stand out and instead of being ostracized, he was embraced for being different. It reminded me of a guy who dresses up like the Mad Hatter in the Washington Square Park area and a guy I saw dressed in a pink tutu with a yellow beard and a yellow and pink poodle. And these two gentlemen are admired, not segregated.

We talked a little about one of my friends in Texas who just about always gets into fights at bars–he never starts them, people just make fun of him for having long hair and for wearing girl jeans. He gets called faggot a lot. And the interesting thing is that he pulls more girls than the overweight linebacker-type dudes who 1. always insult him, 2. seem capable of only talking to their male teammates and 3. always roll mad deep in asshole squadrons. It’s like they’ve recognized the alpha male and decided to fight him in order to attract the attention of the females fawning over him only to discover they’ve dug themselves a deeper hole. Calling him a faggot has only endeared him more to the local lady folk because they finally have a shopping buddy. Yet they all soon discover he doesn’t give a shit about shopping, just juggling multiple women at the same time. And if they’re not making fun of him, they’re making fun of one of my other friends for looking or talking different. When these verbal spars don’t turn physical, it always seems as if they’ve bitten off more than they can chew and they return to their trucks or their wolf pack dejected.

Sweeping generalizations aside (my friends are cooler than you, always get into fights that they win by not fighting), my editor friend mentioned how New York is typically associated with the meanest people on Earth but when people dare to just be themselves, we–for some unexplainable reason–just don’t give a shit. Maybe we don’t have the time to make fun of them or maybe we know that they’re more daring people than we are. We try to keep all our weird interests and proclivities to ourselves but those few brave souls that dare act like themselves in public deserve not to be ridiculed but ignored. It’s what we’d want from them.

Full Albums:

  • The-Dream, Love King (Deluxe Edition)
  • The Hold Steady, Heaven is Whenever
  • Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the 36 Chambers
  • Childish Gambino, Culdesac (some good jokes but…still, I get why this was free on his website. Trying so hard to be Comedian+Weezy+Drake but it just=pretty okay. Seriously, the beats need some work.)
  • Big Boi, Sir Luscious Left Foot the Son of Chico Dusty (Found out about it the week before it came out. That is to say, this was more than a pleasant surprise. “Shutterbug” for life, fools.)
  • Prince, Prince
  • Warren Zevon, Genius: The Best of Warren Zevon

Random Excellence:

  • The xx, “Intro”
  • The Who, “It’s Not Enough”
  • The Rolling Stones, “Pass the Wine (Sophia Loren)”
  • Passion Pit, “To Kingdom Come”
  • Yelle, “Tu Es Beau”

Full Albums:
Exceptional Singles:
Songs of the Week:

  • The Dream, Love King (Deluxe Edition)

I reluctantly went to see Robin Hood a week ago. Glenn Beck was a huge fan and I already knew the story so I figured, there’s no reason to see this movie. Nothing else piqued my interest so I finally broke down and said, Fuck it, I’ll see Robin Hood despite Glenn Beck’s love for it. It’s a free ticket, so no big deal (yes, I am a card-carrying AMC Moviewatcher).

I’m sitting in the theater and there’s this couple making fun of every commercial that comes on. It’s like they haven’t been to a movie theater in 5 years because they’re disgusted that TV commercials are in movie theaters. I gave up hating TV movie commercials like 4 years ago–it’s just what’s happening now. My hatred of commercials won’t make them disappear.

And the couple has disdain for every clip that shows up, like these commercials are beneath them. After the commercials, they start making fun of the movie previews like, “What’re they going to sell us now?” And I will admit, the husband’s comedic timing was phenomenal. He placed that quote right between commercials and movie ads, right in the deadspace between the two. I somehow stifled a giggle.

The amazing thing though is that we get to the end of the movie–spoiler alert (but probably not because everyone knows the story)–and right after King John outlaws Robin Hood, the husband goes, “Why did he do that?” I could not stifle a giggle that time. Walking out, I looked back at him, see he’s a geriatric man dressed in an all white suit and I think, “Even if you’ve read The Prince, it’s fairly obvious. Robin Hood is a threat to King John’s hold on the throne. Go make fun of some commercials, dumbass. Too smart for commercials, but not too smart for a movie. The kids are losing their grip.”

But the real issue at hand here is that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. A surprisingly good movie. Two weeks before that I had had the choice between Robin Hood and Letters to Juliet. For some reason my thought process was, “I love action but I also love chick flicks and I’m in more of a chick flick mood today. I love Amanda Seyfried. These previews look okay.”

And of course, the previews tell you the entire story. I guess I should insert a spoiler alert here again too, but if you’ve seen the preview, it’s fairly obvious she’s going to break up with the brunette for the blonde. It’s just how it has to happen. There’s no other way for that movie to work. After seeing it, I called my parents and warned them to steer the fuck clear of it and they were puzzled why I’d Juliet in the first place.  They’d thoroughly enjoyed Robin Hood.

Perhaps the only good thing that came out of that movie was how it contributed towards my Free Ticket to See Robin Hood AMC Moviewatcher fund. Completely worth it because now all I want to do is manly stuff like wear chain mail, hunt for dinner with superior archery skills and get into fights with the French. But it’s 4th of July weekend and I’m part French so…thanks for helping us become independent, beef squashed. But I still want chain mail.