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Full Albums:

  • Big Boi, Sir Luscious Leftfoot…The Son of Chico Dusty1
  • The Black Keys, Brothers
  • The Gaslight Anthem, American Slang2
  • Ghostface Killah, Supreme Clientele
  • GZA, Pro Tools
  • Kate Nash, My Best Friend is You
  • Kings of Leon, Only by the Night
  • LCD Soundsystem, This is Happening!
  • Outkast, ATLiens and Aquemini
  • Passion Pit, Manners
  • Queens of the Stone Age, Era Vulgaris3
  • The Raconteurs, Consolers of the Lonely

Random Excellence:

  • Wiz Khalifa, “In the Cut”
  • Wu Tang vs. The Beatles, “Release Yo Self”
  • Nine Inch Nails, “Discipline”
  • The Kooks, “Down to the Market”
  • The Hold Steady, “Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night”

Songs of the Week:

  • Common, “The Light”
  • The Roots, “The Fire”
  • Big K.R.I.T, “Hometown Hero (Remix Feat. Yelawolf)”
  • S-Preme, “Popular”
  • Snoop Dogg, “Gangsta Luv (G-Mix Feat. Mayer Hawthorne)”4


1. This album is literally too good. I’d like to herald this as the “return of rap.” I know that’s a stretch but compared to what’s happening in modern rap, this album sticks out like me in a gay bar. Amid gimmicky rappers like Lil’ Wayne, Drake and–yes, I know this is an odd comparison but I listed to this album right before I picked up Leftfoot–this is a return to rapping chronologically, rapping without setting everything up for a one-word punchline. Despite Andre 3K’s only contribution in the form of a production credit on “You Ain’t No DJ (Feat. Yelawolf)” it feels like an Outkast album–and that’s why it’s good. Dirty south raps from a man who switched record labels because he knew he was sitting on a good album. And this Yelawolf character? Word on the street is he’s got a mixtape out I need to scoop up.

2. I listen to these guys and I can only be convinced that they aren’t getting further mass appeal because of their looks. They write these epic rock songs deeply rooted in sixties rock, Motown soul, and an undying love of the essence of Miles Davis that just seems to have been sped up a little. Literally, they write about love, death, cowboys, dancing and jazz–there’s nothing more American. They frequently get compared to Bruce Springsteen and Bruce has played with them on stage and endorsed them publicly. I don’t really know a lot of Bruce but he seems deeply rooted in the same area of New Jersey and Americana. The great relief is that this album’s more about NYC and America than Jersey and is thus more understandable…at least for me. New…Jers…whosywhatsit?

3. The great songs on this album outweigh the terrible songs. Sure, I can’t listen to the last two songs, but I will gladly listen to the first three on repeat.

4. Just…disgustingly good.


I swear to God I will never make a playlist capable of pleasing anyone but myself. Even on my epic DiaDelValentin mixtapes, people always complain about not liking the R&B songs. If they like the R&B songs, they don’t like the electronica. And it circles onward and onward until I refrain from asking opinions.

I had the audacity to tempt fate at work again on Saturday and make a 23-song playlist from scratch where I went out of my way to put only rap songs on it. Literally, the complaints I was getting about my playlist from the last time were “only white boys like old school rap” and “no white people music.” Indeed, the latter complaint was leveled against a B.B. King song. Roots of modern music–both rap and rock–aside, I can only handle menial tasks in silence for so long so I went out of my way to add nothing but rap released in the last five years.

I took the garbage out and came back to find out my music had been turned off. I asked why only to find out that my music was “boring” and “guy music” in a room full of “girls.” I cannot win. There seems to be no way I can please anyone with my taste in music unless I write about it.



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