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I saw The Girl Who Played with Fire two weeks ago and holy shit it was awesome. I don’t know why I’m only getting around to writing about it now, though.

The subject matter is neither pretty nor clean, but it’s an amazing story. It is absolutely refreshing to be able to sit through an entire movie and not be able to predict what happens next. Most of the movies I see these days it’s, “Seen the preview, know the entire plot now, will go to see if they add any funnier jokes or plot lines anyway.” That is, undeniably, the only thing that keeps me going to the movies these days: jokes and proving myself wrong. If I don’t get to prove myself wrong, then I usually get popcorn (Thanks, AMC Moviewatcher card!).

But this was one of those movies where I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. People talk about pitch-perfect movies and I’m convinced this is one of them. When the screen finally went to black, I wasn’t the only person who sighed in relief. Endless tension, endless driven plot with endless epiphanies.

A phenomenal movie.

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