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For the past two years I spent Labor Day laboring at work. This year, I spent my entire Labor Day weekend writing stuff. I don’t think you understand how excited that makes me.

Sure, on Saturday I worked until 2 in the afternoon. But then I spent the rest of the day walking around, taking pictures of a fire and then writing in my room and watching stuff. Yesterday? Reading, writing and watching. Today? I wrote more and continued research for pending job applications and interviews.

There’s nothing more exciting for me than the possibility that I won’t have to work in retail anymore–to finally be able to play a sport that isn’t lifting boxes full of bras or beauty products. I’ve had a burning desire to play lacrosse since graduating but the ever-changing schedule of retail has prevented me from being able to set aside time to enjoy team activities. Instead, my team activities have been my job where I have received the same kind of feeling of acceptance, thankfulness and teamwork maybe four or five times.

Sure, being excited about having a full-time job because I might get to play sports is kind of stupid, but I sincerely miss it. I even want to try playing rugby. Man shit. I like having some kind of schedule that doesn’t change every week. I like having a sense of stability. I like being able to have a business life and a social life. It’s cool when those two intertwine and all, but I refuse to live a life of retail.

And that’s why this weekend has been so exciting: I spent most of it doing things I love in order to make sure I can continue doing things I love for a career instead of doing things I might hate for a part-time job.


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