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Out of the new interns, there are two I would consider making out with; one kissed me tonight. No making out but holy shit that girl can kiss. That was the beginning and end of our interaction all night, but it made me wonder a couple of things: What the hell am I doing right? Why do girls want to kiss me more in the last month than they have in the last four years? Am I fucking crazy or, after a girl kisses you, do you want to spend the next 12-48 hours with a woman doing the kind of stuff you can’t blog about? Perhaps more importantly, should I even be taking any of these girls seriously? If they want to kiss me after laughing at some bullshit I made up, will any of them want to date for more than an hour? Are my questions stupid and will anyone besides me ever try to figure this crap out?

No. I will go on, write some more copy editing cover letters and look forward to the next woman that wants to lace my lips with lascivious offerings of temporary love.


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