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I had 4Loko last night. Honestly, I don’t see what the fuss is about. All you have is some sort of punch with caffeine and alcohol in it.

I think people are intimidated by it because it’s got a lot of things going for it that could be considered dangerous. The color schemes are designed almost strictly to grab the attention of kids. The alcohol percentage is pretty high even though you can’t taste it. Even with 12% alcohol, it’s a big can. And it’s cheap–very cheap for all that alcohol in a big can.

If you look over those “Blackout in a can” reports about kids drinking it in college until they blackout, would any of that really be any different from every other story about kids drinking in college until they blackout? Sure, it has caffeine in it, but Irish Coffee has yet to be banned. People regularly order Jack and Cokes. If you drink any of those like you’re pledging a frat, you’ll probably crash cars, pass out or get alcohol poisoning.

I think it spiraled out of control because, like I said earlier, it’s cheap and appeals to younger kids. I’ve been a lover of IPAs since I started loving beers, but I don’t always drink them because they tend to have the highest alcohol content of beers. I drink them because I like the taste. Not once have I heard someone tell me they actually like the way a 4Loko tastes. No one likes how it tastes. People like it because people are trying to ban it and because it will get you drunk. I honestly think it should be on the market. Some people might actually like this stuff; sales are up despite rumors of bans and banning it won’t keep someone else from making another caffeinated alcoholic beverage. Or Jager bombs.

If the kids are getting introduced to healthy consumption habits via a beverage named “for crazy,” then aren’t they setting themselves up for failure? I think, instead of media firestorm, the proper response is probably more along the lines of education, discussion and maybe public service announcements about healthy drinking habits–particularly in a country where more people die from drunk driving related incidents than airplaine accidents and terrorism combined. I’m fully aware of how much of a puritanical society America can be but in this case I think our senators might be making some missteps.

And sure, it did make me act a little stupid. But in my defense I picked one up around 3AM and had been drinking IPAs for most of the night.


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