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Full Albums:

  • The Cure, Galore
  • Daft Punk, Tron Legacy Soundtrack1
  • Does it Offend You, Yeah?, You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into
  • The Hold Steady, Stay Positive
  • Interpol, Interpol
  • Joe Bonamassa, The Ballad of John Henry2
  • Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
  • Kate Nash, Made of Bricks
  • Kings of Leon, Come around Sundown
  • Led Zeppelin, II and IV4
  • Lily Allen, It’s not Me it’s You
  • Ludacris, Chicken & Beer
  • Muse, The Resistance
  • Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday3
  • Prince and The Revolution, Purple Rain
  • R. Kelly, Chocolate Factory
  • Robyn, Body Talk
  • Saves the Day, Stay What You Are and Through Being Cool
  • The-Dream, Love Hate
  • Wiz Khalifa, Kush & Orange Juice
  • The xx, xx

Random Excellence:

  • Talking Heads, “Swamp”
  • Slim Harpo, “Rock Me Baby”
  • John Mayer, “Crossroads”5
  • Jaime Foxx, “Quit your Job”
  • Drake, “Shut it Down”

Songs of the Week:

  • Kanye West, “All of the Lights” and “Monster”
  • Yelle, “Amour Du Sol”
  • Nine Inch Nails, “Discipline”6
  • Mark Ronson and The Business Intl, “Bang Bang Bang”


1. Makes me want to dig up those classical albums I was given as a kid and promptly never listened to.

2. Take this hammer. Carry it to the captain.A

3. Absolutely, yes; I can see why people like her, but this whole album isn’t that good. I’d pass it if it was taking rap classes from me–solid C or something–but I wonder how much of her ability to rap relies on not having to rap for more than one verse. It’s definitely cool to hear her sing, too, but I’m worried that a lot of her success comes from being…the Lady Gaga of rap? Can I say that? She’s almost more of a spectacle than content? I’m worried she gets more credit for being hot than rapping? I don’t know, there are some really great songs here, but I think what I’m really worried about is that she seems to be willfully categorizing herself with her labelmates and, by association, with this bullshit punchline rap. She only does it once in a while, but when she does she definitely pisses me off. You know what you did, Drake and Yeezy.B

4. Come to think of it, I might know how to play rhythm guitar for every song on these albums but two–that’s just how important they are to me.

5. You know what you did, Robert Johnson. Well played, selling your soul and whatnot.

6. Almost can’t be listened to without “Echoplex” immediately following, but excellent nonetheless.

A. Tell him I’m done; I did it, I’m fed up, I’m quit.

B. Only relevant members of Young Money, frontrunners in punchline rap bullshit.


It’s funny how time disappears when you suddenly have stuff to do. The things you do once a week suddenly become once every week and a half, your applications become reckless and your social life becomes a blur. Some of my acquaintances blame it on the season, but I think it’s more of a combination of holidays (thus seeing more people you haven’t seen in a long time), cold weather boarding you up indoors and general American Puritan work ethic. If you’re not doing something, you’re not American.

Maybe that’s not quite it, but there’s definitely something to be said about catching up with old acquaintances or seeing and meeting newer ones. Something that just makes you go, “Holy shit, I thought I was doing things but I’ve obviously been sitting on my hands for at least a month.” All of a sudden I’m averaging a job application every two days.

I’m obviously not entirely happy with my life the way it is, now it’s time to fix the things I’m not happy about (employment) because I know goddamn well I don’t want to a) work in oil b) make retail a career or c) move back home. I might have to make a compromise or two, but wouldn’t it be far better to do something else than what I’m doing if I can’t stand it?

Copy editing or death or copy editing before death–I will get there but this is the bullshit I have to put up with in the mean time. May you have all the power to understand what you want to do as I do, but none of the stubbornness that has prevented me from getting there.

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