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So I kind of got a little overambitious last year. To resolve that, I think I’m going to carry over some resolutions that didn’t get addressed and some things that need to keep happening because I still haven’t fixed this, “I still work in retail despite a Mensa membership, Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and English and a ridiculous resume,” thing.

I hereby resolve to:

  • Learn how to play at least one Robert Johnson song.
  • Compliment women.
  • Drink less coffee and get more sleep.
  • Get back in shape.

New edition: I hereby resolve to:

  • Play guitar, even when not drunk. Additionally, learn new scales and practice old scales.
  • Start writing applications during the week, not just putting them off until the weekend. Because this job search needs to end. Now. Not Saturday. Now.
  • Find a coffee shop. When people ask me about New York they ask two things: 1. “Do you see a lot of shows?” No, don’t give a shit. That’s why then invented movies and CDs. 2. “What’s your favorite cafe?” Don’t have one, I’m too busy loving Zabar’s coffee. For a while I was a Fairway guy until I discovered Zabar’s. Even my dad likes it and that guy drinks like five cups a day–he kind of knows coffee. But now I will try to find a good coffee place besides my apartment–or Starbucks.

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