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In preparation for whatever it is that happens on this day in one week, I’ve gone through the archives to ensure I’m not repeating super hot sexy jams in the upcoming Dia Del Valentin ’11 playlist. In addition to last year’s playlist, it seems like it would be good to add the previous two playlists and, if not just for prosperity, make an honest attempt to draw any conclusions about my sequencing habits.

Dia Del Valentin 1:

1. Saves The Day, “Firefly”
2. Muse, “Invincible”
3. John Mayer, “Only Heart”
4. Daft Punk, “Digital Love
5. Elefant, “Make Up”
6. Radiohead, “All I Need
7. The Ataris, “San Dimas High School Football Rules”
8. Say Anything, “Baby Girl, I’m a Blur
9. David Bowie, “Heroes”
10. The Who, “Love Ain’t for Keeping”
11. Michael Buble, “How Sweet It Is”
12. Kenny Wayne Shepherd, “I Found Love (When I Found You)”
13. Kings of Leon, “Knocked Up”
14. Eddie Money, “Take Me Home Tonight
15. Interpol, “Obstacle 2”
16. Saves The Day, “Nightingale”
17. Justin Timberlake, “Let’s Take a Ride”
18. MGMT, “Electric Feel
19. Dave Matthews Band, “Dreamgirl”
20. Incubus, “Here in my Room”

Dia Del Valentin Dos:

Just a brief preface: Apparently, I didn’t used to have the qualms I currently do about using the same songs. Some of them even appear here in the same order as on the previous playlist. Thank goodness I’ve come back to study this crap in detail so I don’t keep making these mistakes.

1. Outkast, “Happy Valentine’s Day”
2. Saves The Day, “Firefly”
3. John Mayer, “Only Heart”
4. Daft Punk, “Digital Love”
5. The Postal Service, “Brand New Colony”
6. Steve Miller Band, “Serenade”
7. Kings of Leon, “On Call
8. The Ataris, “Sand Dimas High School Football Rules”
9. Say Anything, “Alive with the Glory of Love
10. David Bowie, “Heroes”
11. The Who, “Love Ain’t for Keeping”
12. Michael Buble, “How Sweet It Is”
13. Kenny Wayne Shepherd, “I Found Love (When I Found You)”
14. Eddie Money, “Take Me Home Tonight”
15. The Tragically Hip, “Silver Jet
16. Interpol, “Obstacle 2”
17. Justin Timberlake, “Let’s Take a Ride”
18. MGMT, “Electric Feel”
19. Dave Matthews Band, “Dreamgirl”
20. Foo Fighters, “Everlong”
21. Saves The Day, “Nightingale”


I am criminally unimpressed with myself. I owe my college roomate’s ex-girlfriend a sincere apology (probably in the form of the Dia Del Valentin ’11 I will be mailing her in the near future). By the numbers it looks like I used 15 of the same songs–only partially changed chronologically–and introduced two new songs that were by the same band they were replacing (Say Anything, Kings of Leon). Perhaps some of this makes sense, though; some of the songs here are my all-time favorite songs (you know what you did, Saves The Day, David Bowie, Interpol and Eddie Money).

If anything, this might be a reflection of not a lack of effort but a learning curve. Unlike last year’s playlist, I’m having a hard time dividing these into groups or themes just by looking at them, but the fact that I have some of them in the same order tells me I used to think they were all supposed to go together. The thing that really leads me to believe this was a set of learning mixes is the way numero Dos starts.

“Happy Valentine’s Day” is a song after my own heart. I’ve written about it before, but it’s an appropriate way to start this playlist (and this tradition) for me because on the surface it’s wishing you nothing but the best Valentine’s Day even though I’ve never really been a fan. For the first time last year, I wasn’t completely alone on Valentine’s Day, although that doesn’t necessarily mean it was really that much better. A little. Not enough for me to decide to stop disliking Valentine’s Day.

Personal damage–and mistakes–aside, the song switches are much more appropriate (a Kings of Leon song about being there for your lover instead of about unplanned pregnancy and a Say Anything song with a WWII love metaphor instead of about being a blur). I’m also very proud of how I altered the playlist’s ending. Leaving the Incubus song about sexing an incubus (probably an alien actually, but still weird) makes less sense then ending with a beautiful song about love. “Nightingale” is possibly the best song Saves The Day has done on their best album; as a testament to that album’s excellence, the only Saves The Day songs I’ve used on my playlists have both come from Stay What You Are.

As I keep adapting and improving, I might impress myself with the minutiae that only barely fixes the great error that is not creating a new playlist, but I’m hoping to keep outdoing myself every year. Get excited.


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