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Full Albums:

  • Young Jeezy, TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition1
  • Starfucker, Starfucker2
  • My Morning Jacket, Circuital3
  • Lemon Jelly, Lost Horizons4
  • MF Doom, Operation Doomsday5
  • Freddie Gibbs, Cold Day in Hell6
  • Saves the Day, Stay What You Are
  • The Weeknd, Echoes of Silence7
Random Excellence:
  • TV on the Radio, “I Was a Lover”
  • Taking Back Sunday, “Set Phasers to Stun”
  • Tame Impala, “Desire Be Desire Go”
  • The Roots, “Get Busy”
  • GZA, “7 Pounds”

Songs of the Week:

  • Cults, “Oh My God”
  • Warren Zevon, “Werewolves of London”
  • Tom Vek, “The Lower the Sun”
  • Saves the Day, “Jukebox Breakdown”
  • Interpol, “Success”


1. I remember an episode of WTF where someone told a story about the only time Lorne Michaels was on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon set. It might’ve been Anthony Jeselnik, but the thing that Lorne said was something like, “The hardest thing about starting a new show is that you’re not there until three years later when you’re there.” I feel like that’s totally been the story of Young Jeezy and Rick Ross’ entire careers. I used to laugh at every song of theirs, but they sort of became major figures in the rap game…because they were there all the time. Recently, Jeezy took a break. Though that didn’t harm any of his rhymes here, I think it completely damaged his perception. Like he’s been napping or something. But he’s still Jeezy, doing the Jeezy thing. It’s even a solid album, and, more surprisingly, the first time I’ve been interested enough to listen to a whole Jeezy album. I mean, if you can get Ice Cold and Hova on a song together, then fuck it–I’ll totally listen to your entire album. And admire it.

2. This was half incredible and half garbage chip tune. As far as I can tell, their best might only ever be “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second.” Which, surprisingly enough, everyone’s probably heard before, so don’t go diggin’ too deep in ye olde catalog.

3. These bros and their goddamn country music. They get me all excited with “Holdin’ on to Black Metal” and their eponymous tracks, then they be puttin’ me to sleep with their boring country shit. I swear to God, if I was producing their albums, I would’ve mashed the last two together with only the rocking, funky, black-man-stuck-inside-a-white-man’s-body guitar licks and had one of the best albums out in four years. But I can’t, so I just skip the songs I don’t like.

4. Few things play like this at work. Just sink into it because it’s good. And the lyrics are all just samples from other things, so you can just drown it out. I heard of them while reading Lifehacker and immediately dismissed them because the opening sentence was so grammatically mangled that it barely made sense. I talked to one of my friends, though, and he thoroughly recommended them. So, in turn, I will now recommend them to you. They got the beat.

5. I’mma go buy me a stockpile of anthrax, nukes, AKs and M4s–I don’t ever want Doomsday to go away. [Ed. Note: Dear Federal Agents (mad ’cause I’m flagrant), I mean that in the strictest sense of hyperbole. I am fully aware that buying illegal arms for myself will not prevent a CD, MP3, or vinyl pressing from disappearing, thus I have no actual interest in prison time. Good morrow.]

6. This is what I’m talking about. Remember last week when I was talking shit about Danny Brown? Why isn’t this guy potentially getting signed to G-Unit? Then again, does anyone really want to be signed to G-Unit? The point is, if people can fight about “real rap” dying these days, I will use this man as Exhibit A for the defense.

7. Oh man, what a Michael Jackson cover. Crazy good, though I think it might truly be the best song on the album. It seems like his production techniques are improving, but still nothing’s as hooky as his first album. Dude can still sing, though. Good news all around.


I went to a psychic a while back, something I’ve literally never done before. One of the things she told me was to keep things closer to the vest. I sat there in complete shock, because how the fuck am I going to do that? My hobby is writing about music I love and my job is writing about websites and apps I love. When I think of a joke, I don’t want to be the only one laughing–not only is that a colossal waste of a joke, but it’s also a great way to make me look like the neighborhood crazy person.

So I’ve been wondering if she was talking specifically about the weekly Comment. As if I’m giving away all my secrets here or something. My Social Security number might be seventeen schvifty queue, but there wasn’t a deadline or anything. Am I supposed to not talk anymore about anything? Or was it a two-week thing where I was in extreme danger of getting caught looking up LEGO prices at work?

I know a lot of people don’t put a lot of stock in it, but I think a part of me just might. My Mom always said things like “You just have to put your good intentions out into the Universe and the Universe will answer,” even before The Secret had everyone flipping their wigs to launch their thought rockets into space. So it makes me wonder if I really do take a lot of stock in it. I have friends who regularly go to that shop, but see the other lady (who is supposedly way better and scarily accurate) and they get oddly specific readings. Mine was incredibly vague, so I wonder if that means I get to just say whatever I want like usual. I think I secretly want it all to be right so I can have something like Life’s Cheatcodes–yet I still don’t want to have to spend all my time censoring myself or building thought rockets.


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